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Aseel AlYaqoub's research-based and interdisciplinary practice ranges from drawing and printmaking to video, sculpture and installation. Various visual languages characterise her work, which is defined by her inquisitorial and academic approach that travels across the fields of history, architecture, and cultural sociology. Her explorations revolve around the inherited methodologies used for nation-building, the role of state apparatuses in defining nationhood, and the nation's processes for self-identification after imperial dissolution and reattachment.

She has participated in exhibitions worldwide, including Stories We Tell Ourselves, Foreman Gallery, Quebec (2021), Emotionally Confronted Through Distance, Art Claims Impulse, Berlin (2021), From Visionaries to Vloggers, The Media Majlis at Northwestern University, Doha (2020), 24th Biennial of Humor and Satire, The Museum of Humor and Satire, Gabrovo (2018), Signs of Life: in and out of time and space, Boiler Room/Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn (2015), Out of Kuwait, Edge of Arabia, London (2013). In Kuwait, she exhibits at The Sultan Gallery, Contemporary Art Platform, the Museum of Modern Art and Gallery BAWA.

AlYaqoub was a curator alongside Yousef Awaad, Saphiya Abu Al-Maati and Asaiel Al Saeed for the Kuwait Pavilion, 17th International Architecture Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia (Space Wars, 2021) and won the first Art Jameel Commission in collaboration with Alia Farid (Contrary Life, 2018). In addition, she was shortlisted with the design firm Studio Toggle for an architectural competition led by the Royal Commissioners of AlUla (Khat, 2019) and for the Blooom Award by Warsteiner (2016). AlYaqoub's work can be found in permanent collections, including the Barjeel Art Foundation and Jameel Art Collection.

2013 - 2015      MFA Degree. Pratt Institute, NY, USA
2007 - 2009    BA Degree, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK
2003 - 2007    RIBA Part 1, AA School of Architecture, London, UK 

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