Space Wars: An Investigation into Kuwait’s Hinterland I
Preston H. Thomas Memorial Lectures - convened by Samia Henni
Cornell University, USA

Invited curators Asaiel Al Saeed, Aseel AlYaqoub, Saphiya Abu Al-Maati, and Yousef Awaad share their research and curatorial approach for the Kuwait Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture (2021) Biennale at The Preston H. Thomas Memorial Lecture Series at Cornell University. "Into the Desert: Questions of Coloniality and Toxicity" was convened by Samia Henni and offers spatial possibilities that emerge within the geographic, institutional, and cultural frameworks surrounding desert hinterlands.

Information: www.aap.cornell.edu/news-events/desert-questions-coloniality-and-toxicity#open-sec-4

Space Wars: An Investigation into Kuwait’s Hinterland II
Department of Architecture Lecture Series - convened by Dr Dalal Musaed AlSayer
Kuwait University, Kuwait

The Kuwait Pavilion curatorial team, commissioned by the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, was part of Kuwait University’s Department of Architecture Lecture Series 2020/2021, organized by Dr Dalal Musaed AlSayer in collaboration with Dialogue X and The American Institute of Architecture Department Students. The series included Samaneh Moafi of Forensic Architecture, Christina Geros, Sharifa AlShalfan, and Studio Toggle.

Information: www.kwtpavilion.com

ACI-Surfing with... Aseel AlYaqoub
Art Claims Impulse - convened by Pierre Wolf
Livestream, Berlin

“This time we will have insight into Kuwaiti society from the perspective of a Kuwaiti artist. A very exciting topic, considering the special role Kuwait plays in the Gulf region, due to its turbulent history triggered by decolonization and the invasion of Iraqi troops and the resulting second Gulf War.” - Pierre Wolf

Information: www.art-claims-impulse.com/en/surfing-with-en/surfing-with-archiv-videos-linklist-en?start=2

National Nostalgia: The Construction of Kuwaiti Identity
GCC Narratives - moderated by Taibah Al Bishr
Abu Dhabi Art, UAE

The sub-theme of GCC Narratives was at the core of all the talks, acting as the binder subject amongst them. Here, personal narratives emerged alongside the mapping of identity and social evolution through language, architecture and space. The rapidly changing landscape has been the root cause of transformations found within identity, language, public versus private spaces, architecture and culture. Identity in the Gulf region is ever evolving although generally it is boxed in to a certain time in history, be it the Golden Era of Kuwait (1960-1980), or looking at culture and heritage in the United Arab Emirates before its unification in 1971. - Munira AlSayegh, Curator

Information: www.abudhabiart.ae/en/Art-Fair

Copy/Paste Syndrom
Nuqat Conference
Amricani Cultural Centre, Kuwait

We are intrinsically attached to objects and places that are valued through nostalgia and nationality. Yet the remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were. The collective memory sets up paradoxical obstructions, tempting us to overcome them by repairing a longing with a particular belonging. The nation develops from these common needs of the people, who consist of different social groups seeking a “collective identity.” This talk presents the artists practice and her questions that challenge the misconception of Kuwait’s recent past through the symbolic destruction and vandalism of national artefacts and heritage sites. Her investigations aim to understand popular memory and the enthusiastic resurrections of inbuilt within society.

Information: www.nuqat.me

ⓒ Aseel AlYaqoub, 2022